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Kidoodle.TV (A Parent Media Co. Inc.)

2019 - 2023

I held the role of Senior Visual Designer for A Parent Media Co. Inc., a Canadian company that builds and powers monetizable streaming solutions for brands and creators. While I worked on all of APMC's products including Glitch+ and Safe Exchange, I primarily focused on their most successful brand, Kidoodle.TV, a safe-streaming children’s entertainment app.


A majority of my work was creating digital assets for APMC’s websites, applications, email marketing campaigns, and social media presence, in addition to creating digital and print advertisements for leading platforms such as Variety Magazine, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Roku TV, and the Kidoodle.TV application. I delivered a vast variety of different creatives ranging from infographics, sales decks, educational materials for children, email layouts and print projects to backend app and website assets, animated GIFs and short-form videos. I successfully managed end-to-end design processes for multi-layered marketing campaigns, maintaining the highest quality standards under tight deadlines.

At APMC, I played a pivotal role in facilitating creative brainstorming sessions and strategy meetings, providing valuable insights to steer the creative direction of campaigns. I elevated the brand’s visual identity, developing a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all design elements and marketing materials while leading and mentoring a team of graphic designers.

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